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Some minority groups have higher numbers of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, poorer overall health outcomes.

We want to have members of minority groups help us build a library of health-related pictures that will better meet the needs of under-represented populations.

This pictograph library will be made available to clinical teams and others for use in culturally sensitive, patient-centered health communication materials.

University of Utah and the Community Faces of Utah are collaborating to develop the pictographs. You can contribute to this important health initiative! by playing a fun drawing and guessing game, "Doodle Health". The data collected will be used to create, assess and revise pictographs for the library.

Thank you.

This game was developed by students in the Entertainment Arts & Engineering Program at the University of Utah. It is part of the program's Therepeutic Games and Apps Lab, a partnership with University Healthcare to develop medical games and apps.

The Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program is the #2 ranked games program in the United States. Boasting world-renown faculty, award winning student games, published student games (bringing tens of thousands of dollars to the student creators), and now a cutting edge Therapeutic Games and Apps lab (The Gapp). The EAE program at the University of Utah has graduated leaders in games, published cutting edge research, and partnered with local and international companies to research and develop games.